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Product Description
Silicon Boat To deposit thin film on wafer during the processes of LPCVD / Deffusion
Silicon Pedestal As the base of silicon boat, it blocks the heat & light to maintain constant temperature
450mm Single Silicon Wafer 450mm silicon mechanical wafer
Silicon Boat / Silicon Pedestal 450mm Single Silicon Wafer
LPCVD / Diffusion for semiconductor process Semiconductor IC (Integrated Circuit) Chip
Properties Silicon Boat / Pedestal
Material Single crystal silicon
Wafer Charging 117EA
Deposition Uniformity < 2%
Machining Precision < 10㎛
Properties 450mm Single Silicon Wafer
Material Single crystal silicon
Type P Type (Boron dipant)
Resistivity (Ω.㎝) Middle Res. (1~4)
Our Diameter 450mm
Thickness 0.925mm
Surface Condition Front - Polishing
Back - Polishing
Notch Dimension Depth - 1mm
Angle - 90°
Roughness Ra < 0.02㎛
Total Thickness Variation (TTV) < 10㎛